District Band Event

For those students selected to participate in the All-District Band the event is being held at Woodson HS on Feb. 5th-7th.  Packets will be going home with your child regarding a detailed itinerary.

A generic schedule is as follows:

Thursday, February 5th
Rehearsals at WT Woodson 6pm-9pm.

  • Report to Auditorium for announcements

Friday, February 6th
Rehearsals at WT Woodson 8am-5:30pm

  • 4:30pm- U.S. Airforce Band “Airmen of Note” Concert open to the public. ¬†Woodson Auditorium.

Saturday, February 7th
Rehearsals at WT Woodson 9am-12:45pm

  • Break for lunch at Woodson
  • 2:00pm Middle School Band performance WT Woodson Auditorium

District Band 2015 Audition Results

Congratulations to the following students on this year’s District Band Auditions!

1. Ellen Oh
2. Marie Korn
5. Katrina Day
7. James Mullet

3. Bridgette Ford
1st alt. Jake Reed

4. Max Abduhalikov
2nd Alt. Natalie Thorn

3. Meghan Willey
4. Claire Roth
5. Suejin Seo
12. Sophie Uy
13. Shine Xing
18. Camille Yeo
23. Louis Koo

Bass Clarinet
2. Kevin Liang
4. Vasti Salazar
2nd Alt. Emma Glover

Alto Saxophone
1. Nathan Zhu
3. Duke Tran
5. Jeremy Swack
2nd Alt. Philip Hyun

Tenor Sax
1st Alt. Teddy Davies

1. Atharv Gupta
5. Kevin Burgess
13. Miguel Alonso

French Horn
1. Tyler French
7. Spencer Keen
2nd Alt. Beau Sandino

1st Alt. Danny Braun
2nd Alt. Ryan Buellesbach

6. Taha Shamsie

1. Sarah Warme
3. Ben Wagner
4. Aaron Aanestad

1. John Donnell
5. Thomas Cronin